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“Install base: Everyone. The entire public. Platform: The world… A single story, a single gaming experience, with no boundaries. A game that is life itself.”

Would creating such a game be possible? And if so, how would it look?

Thankfully, we already have the answer: it is possible, and it would look a lot like a global scavenger hunt involving a multitude of fake websites, devilishly tough puzzles, forged phone numbers and a group of millions of players who aren’t entirely sure that what they’re participating in isn’t real. …

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You’re trapped in a room while a silent killer lurks outside.

You’re unable to leave save for the urgencies of food and healthcare.

In the supermarkets the shelves are stripped bare and the dead air echoes with far off sirens, while police patrol the otherwise empty streets like packs of hungry dogs.

The few lone people you see from your window are masked and move like spectres.

The city outside is cold and distant. Normal life is a fading memory.

Your room is your world now, and that world is slowly, surely…

Over the last decade, brands have increasingly chosen to publicly stand in support of social issues. But are their actions meaningful, or merely empty marketing tactics? The Moon Unit takes a look at brand activism during the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement and how consumer pressure is raising the bar for brands that say they care.

Originally published at https://www.themoonunit.com

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the subsequent wave of global protests, brands were quick to take a stance and offer their condolences and financial support. Corporate Twitter was awash for days with sombre black and…

With a global economic recession due to the Coronavirus looking more likely every day, the advertising industry is facing a precarious and uncertain future. However, the ad industry is nothing if not tenacious, and the companies that are willing to adapt will be set to come out the other end stronger than ever.

The advertising industry is often described as the ‘canary in the coalmine’ when it comes to predicting a financial recession. …

For many Directors, the most challenging part of the TVC production process is pitching.

As if it weren’t already tough enough to be a freelance commercials Director, during the pitching process you have to sell your idea, your personality and sometimes what feels like your soul to the client.

And that’s all without any guarantee of winning.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world where it’s not always the most skilled Director who gets the job, but the one who manages to sell their vision the best — so knowing how to write a treatment that stands out from the crowd is integral…

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You can tell a lot about a culture from its ads.

Have you ever looked through an old newspaper? The headlines may tell you what was going on in the world, but the ads tell you what was happening in people’s hearts. People’s deeper concerns. Their fears, and their desires.

The suited, neatly-combed businessman depicted in virtually every ad of the 1950s reflected a yearning for order and conformity in a changing world. Meanwhile, the blatant frothing over new consumer goods showed a wish to demonstrate the household’s rising economic status, as global affluence increased.


Cover photo credit: Joe Kiely on ArtStation

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It’s highly likely that the next ad agency you work with will not be an ad agency.

For at least a decade, the ad agency model has been creaking, like a submarine that dived too deep. And now, finally, it looks to be disintegrating.

It started with a few small holes, the water began to rush in, and those leaks are now turning into a flood. The only question is whether it will implode suddenly, or crumble slowly.

The main trends that have holed ad agencies below the waterline have been in-housing, the rise…


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For years, people thought brands were using evil, manipulative techniques such as subliminal advertising. Actually they weren’t, and books like Vance Packard’s The Hidden Persuaders were largely hogwash. Eventually that furore died down, and today we tend to think of advertising as annoying but essentially benign. But the truth is, manipulation techniques are on the rise.

The issue reared its head again recently because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. And Cambridge Analytica has rightly been condemned for its deceptive behaviour in dishonestly obtaining the data of millions of Facebook users.

But there…

HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’

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Nestled snugly in the borderlands of the motion-picture landscape, somewhere between feature films and soap-opera serials, lies a recently re-energized destination for television tourists: the miniseries.

A miniseries is exactly what it says on the packet: a short, closed-ended series that plays like an extended movie. Generally, they are around six episodes long, with each episode sitting around the 45 minute to an hour mark. …

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The automation revolution is in full swing.

It began by replacing humans who were doing menial, repetitive jobs. Goodbye, factory workers.

But today, we are seeing the automation of what we thought were ‘smart’ jobs.

Take journalism. Robots will never be able to get drunk in the afternoon with their sources, of course. But they can write headlines. Algorithmic journalism is already changing the game, according to this New York Times article, which reveals that approximately a third of the content published by Bloomberg News is already created using automated technology.

Lawyers are next…

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